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Custom Resin Tap Handles Offer Ultimate Design Freedom

Custom Resin Tap Handles Offer Ultimate Design Freedom

Sleek lines and graphics are nice (and we’re here for them). But what if we transformed your logo’s cool cat into a glittery purple 3D rendition with yellow laser beams shooting from his hand-painted eyes, an über custom tap handle that literally brings your branding to life? Resin, my friend, puts the “custom” in custom tap handles unlike anything else and lets us pull out every stop to create the tap handle of your wildest dreams.

Are resin tap handles right for me?

Wood tap handles, metal tap handles, and acrylic tap handles have plenty of perks, but custom resin tap handles offer the ultimate freedom of expression. American-sourced resin allows us to craft tap handles that take shape as kickass mini statues. Bar goers are drawn to them, and collectors go nuts for them! Intricate details—like the fuzzy coat and fluttering eyelashes of a female Sasquatch (that’s right!) or sea-foam swirling around the base of a lighthouse—resin allows for unmatched craftsmanship that turns heads. 

Options for colors, shapes, and branding are endless. Seriously, go crazy! Your big, creative ideas get our team fired up to get to work for you. Whether it’s a custom tap handle for your craft brewery, kombucha bar, or personal man cave, we can design and manufacture virtually any eye-catching tap handle thanks to the versatile, magical material we’re best known for: resin.

How does it work?

Crafting resin tap handles requires creativity and precision on the part of our talented team. Once you’ve approved the imaginative design, we create a mold and get busy casting your one-of-a-kind tap handle at our Birmingham, Alabama, warehouse. We hand-mix the highest quality liquid resin (available in countless colors and glitter varieties!) sourced here in the U.S. 

Through our multi-step proprietary process, your custom tap handle takes shape as a personalized beauty unlike anything else on the market. Our in-house artisans carefully clean, sand, and hand-paint each handle before it’s passed along to our print shop for finishing touches. Then, the handles are cleanly ferruled and packaged. From our door to yours, just like that.

Can I get a resin tap handle without custom bells and whistles?

If you love the look of resin tap handles but don’t have the time or budget for an over-the-top bespoke design, our American-made semi-custom resin tap handles are the way to go. Our in-house print shop can create waterproof custom decals that feature your unique branding and affix them to our high-quality lollipop top resin handles. We finish the semi-custom designs with a UV- and water-resistant clear coat, making them durable and damn good-looking, too. 

Where do I get started?

Use our tap handle quote generator for a fast turnaround on important projects. If you have more questions or want to talk through design ideas, give us a call at (205) 999-1805 or email Brad at We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life without skimping on a single detail.

Check out some of our favorite custom resin tap handle projects here!

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