Custom wood tap handles provide a unique material design while maintaining a cost efficient strategy for your brewery or business. We use the highest quality American sourced wood to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Wood

Tap Handle Process

Creating tap handles from wood requires creativity, precision, and processes that demand quality. Here's a sneak peek into our process for your tap.

American Materials

Our tap handles are made using premium American-sourced wood. We cut to size with the best CNC machinery available that procures the perfect shape and design. The tap handles then pass through a multi-step sanding process.

Proprietary Technology

After sanding, each tap is sent through proprietary finishing processes to achieve the perfect look for the design. This includes painting, staining, flame treating, or other finishing techniques.

Artisan Finishing

We then send the custom wood taps to our print shop where they are given the final aesthetics. Before shipping, the handles are cleanly ferruled and packaged.

Birmingham District tap handle process
Birdsong Brewing custom wooden tap handle

We love the tap handles that Steel City made for us. It’s especially great to know that they are made in the US. The quality is noticeably higher than the ones we had been purchasing before.

Tara Goulet - Birdsong Brewing

We started working with Steel City Taps to refresh our brand presence in market. We worked closely to design a tap handle and the design and production team at SCT's knocked it out of the park. We pay a little more for tap handles than we were paying from an out of country manufacturer, but the turn around time is much faster. Also, in the first month of changing to the new tap handles designed by Steel City we saw a 40% lift in YOY volume at our top 15 accounts. You read that right, 40% lift. We could not be happier with our experience with Steel City Taps.

Carl Meier - The Black Abbey
The Black Abbey Brewing custom wood tap handles



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