Your vision. Brought to life. Our custom resin tap handles are the ultimate expression of hop freedom. If you can dream a tap handle we can craft it. Use our tap handle quote generator for a fast turnaround on important projects. Scroll down to understand the process our tap artisans go through to create unique resin tap handles.

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Custom Resin

Tap Handle Process

Creating tap handles from resin requires creativity, precision, and processes that demand quality. Here's a sneak peek into our process for your tap.

American Materials

We hand-mix the best American-sourced liquid resin. We then form into custom shapes using a mold and pressure process to minimize impurities.

Proprietary Technology

Each handle is then de-molded and taken through a proprietary multi-step clean up process. After sanding, each tap handle is sent through the necessary finishing processes to achieve the perfect look for the design.

Artisan Finishing

Each tap handle is hand detail painted by an in-house artist to make each tap stand out. We then send them to our print shop where they are given the final aesthetics. Before shipping, the handles are cleanly ferruled and packaged.

Good People Brewing custom yellow resin truck beer tap handles

See our client's firsthand experience working with SCT and their opinion on our tap handles.

Red Hills Brewery

If you can dream it, we can make it. We put ourselves in your shoes. We listen, understanding what you stand for so we can bring your vision to life.

Ghost Train Brewery custom resin tap handles



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