Custom metal tap handles provide a unique material design while maintaining a cost efficient strategy for your brewery or business. We use the highest quality American sourced metal and cutting to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Metal

Tap Handle Process

Creating tap handles from metal requires creativity, precision, and processes that demand quality. Here's a sneak peek into our process for your tap.

American Materials

Our metal tap handles use the highest quality American sourced metal material. Likewise, our precision cutting from an American company we have a great relationship with allows us to provide unparalleled finished products.

Proprietary Technology

Our unique internal process removes any abrasive burs or imperfections and readies the taps for any media necessary (sticker, magnets, paint).

Artisan Finishing

Each unique design is hand finished with the best magnets, stickers from our own print shop, or premium paint. Before shipping, the handles are cleanly ferruled and packaged.

Beer'd Brewing custom metal tap handle

Our passion helps us strive to be the best tap handle artists we can be. Hear what Avondale Brewing has to say about our quality, speed, and service.

Custom metal taps allow your brand to stand out from traditional taps with a strong and durable material. The unique cutting process we employ allows your design no restrictions, no boundaries, and quality to match.

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