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New Brews and Tap Handle News with Goat Island Brewing

New Brews and Tap Handle News with Goat Island Brewing

John Dean, VP of sales and marketing and co-founder of Goat Island Brewing in Cullman, Alabama, stops by the tap factory to share new-brew news and give us a taste of what’s currently poured using Steel City Tap’s Goat Island tap handles at taprooms, bars, and restaurants in Alabama and beyond.

Steel City Tap’s own MJ sips on Goat Island’s newly released Mango Weiss, a fruity and super-drinkable brew perfect for scorching-hot summer days in the South. We designed a custom tap handle with interchangeable custom magnets just in time for the Goat Island Mango Weiss release this month.

John also looped us in on the tapline release of their Goatopia IPA, a New England-style juicy hazy IPA with 6.3% ABV at their taproom in Cullman, Alabama. We designed and printed magnets for the new beer that John’s team will add to their existing tap handles. Our interchangeable magnets and magnetic tap handles make swapping out beer flavors on an ever-changing tapline a cinch. 

The print shop pros at Steel City Tap Co. also updated Goat Island’s ESB tap handle magnet. The stylized British flag tap magnet is all-too-apropos for their Extra Special British Ale

We never pass up a chance to shoot the breeze with John Dean. Check out our Q&A with John on why custom tap handles are worth the investment—especially taps handles designed and manufactured in the USA. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

Because, as our buddies at Goat Island Brewing say, “Life's too short to drink baaaad beer!”
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