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Make a Point to Sell More Beer with Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Make a Point to Sell More Beer with Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Did you know Steel City Tap Co. offers more than tap handles? Custom beer taps will always be our bread and butter, but designing and manufacturing high-quality merch and marketing tools that sell beer—and make you more money—is also in our wheelhouse.

Beer Pole topper Avery Brewing

Point of purchase tools and point of sale displays boost your brand or brewery's presence by telling your unique story and enticing paying craft beverage customers. Beer signs and case tray stackers emblazoned with your business logo play a vital role in consumers’ purchase decisions. Ordering American-made POP from us will help hop heads and craft beverage enthusiasts make the right decision.

The beer, wine, and spirits industries depend on eye-catching customized point of purchase displays as sales triggers. Just like custom tap handles, well-designed POP is hard at work selling your products while you stick to brewing and building your biz. Adding quality POP made in the USA to your sales and marketing repertoire is worth the investment.

Think about it this way...How many times have you bought a bottle of wine or an unfamiliar craft brew just because it had a badass label?

beer MONTAUK brewing pole topper

POP works the same way.

In such a vast and competitive marketplace, standing out in a crowd is crucial as a brewer or distiller. Promotional swag and creative point of sale displays can make all the difference for a beer, hard cider, or hard seltzer consumer on the fence about buying your product. 

Always account for potential new clients who walk into a brewery, bar, or liquor store without a plan. Your full-color POP display decked out in unique branding could be just the trick to triggering sales.

What are the keys to an effective point of sale display?

  1. It tells your company’s one-of-a-kind story, no matter what shape the display piece takes—pole signs, case tray stackers, or custom POP designs, we offer it all.
  2. It’s consistent with your distinctive brand identity, from Pantone colors and fonts to special details and materials used. We source wood, plastic, resin, acrylic, and more from American companies.
  3. It’s an authentic representation of your brewery, distillery, or company and leaves a lasting impression of what you’re all about. Our ultimate goal is to make you look good. Period.
  4. It’s as functional as it is attention grabbing. The Steel City Tap team consists of expertly trained industrial designers, engineers, and artisans who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

Working with a manufacturer who already has a keen understanding of your business and brand identity—like your tap handle supplier—is a fantastic way to ensure you hit the right mark with POP displays. Check out our ever-expanding line of point of purchase tools and other custom merch here.

beer MONTAUK POP board

Don’t see the POP you want or need on our website? Give us a call to talk through ideas today!

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