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Let your tap handle do the talking.

Let your tap handle do the talking.

A beer drinker, a cocktail connoisseur, and an open-minded sipper walk into a bar... How are you planning to tickle their fancy, to persuade them that your boozy concoction is better than the rest—that your blood, sweat, and hops make your company's beverage the best? 


Let your tap handle do the talking.



A well-crafted tap handle is more reliable than an all-star salesperson. It has all the time in the world to hang around the bar, silently promising to catch the eye and pique the interest of thirsty patrons. 



At Steel City Tap Co., we know how to dress your tap handle to impress, to make your brand stand out at a crowded bar. Sure, if you have a flashy neon-colored peacock in your logo, you're ahead of the curve when it comes to grabbing attention. But after some dreaming, sketching, prototyping, molding, and hand-painting by our team, that peacock comes to life as a 3D embodiment of your unique company and offerings. That peacock struts out our door and into bars everywhere, representing your distinctive products and your commitment to standing out in an endless sea of other options. 


Just ask Smashin' Crab. They came to us for handles for their on-tap mixed drinks. We made them a classic wooden design embellished with their signature quirky crustacean. Soon after, they commissioned a more elaborate resin version complete with hand-painted details, making it a popular collector's item and perfect addition to Amazing Tap Handles' Tap Handle Museum



Set yourself apart. Try something new. Isn't that the goal?

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