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Get Tap Handles Fast

Get Tap Handles Fast

Get American-Made Tap Handles in Two Weeks

Tired of waiting around for branded tap handles from slow overseas producers? Let's get real. Who isn't sick of waiting?

Fully custom resin or acrylic beer tap handles are totally worth holding out for when you've got extra time on your hands. But when you need a high-quality handle, like, yesterday, we've got you covered. 

OK, let's us be clear. We can't promise you yesterday. We make tap handles, not time machines (for now...). Here's what we can give you: completely customizable metal tap handles in just 2 weeks. 

You read that correctly, my friend. TWO WEEKS.

Sleek metal tap handles designed with custom, full-color graphics will be in your hand and ready to help sell your delicious brews in less than a month. Everything is printed in-house, which makes the process seamless and speedy. 

It's not too good to be true... It's true, and it's great.

Want to take the customization one step further? We'll print any design on a custom magnet. Available in various shapes and sizes, slap magnets on your tap handles, kegs, and coolers around the bar or taproom to catch even more attention from thirsty patrons. Order a bunch for easy add-ons at your register, or go crazy and hand them out like candy. The far-flung advertising potential makes custom magnets a no brainer.

We want to be the reason your craft beverage product is gracing the marketplace and tap lines everywhere even faster. Product placement is key in this über-competitive and ever-growing market. A kickass tap handle from us places you squarely in a position to succeed.

And who doesn't like to succeed?

A two-week turnaround time for a tap handle outfitted in your unique logo, colors, mantra, beer flavor may well be more impressive than time travel right now. Despite global production continuing to lag, we are rocking and rolling at Steel City Tap Co., sourcing American-made materials and crafting every handle from top to bottom in our Birmingham, Alabama, facility. 

Quality and speed are right in our wheelhouse. When it comes to designing and producing the craft beverage industry's most essential marketing tool, we know turnaround is crucial. And we will never sacrifice quality to meet a deadline. 

Check out Brad's video to learn more about custom metal tap handles that we can get you FAST. Follow us on social media and YouTube for more helpful info and to see Brad smash the crap out of things on occasion. 

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