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How Your Brewery Can Stand Out with Customized Tap Handles

How Your Brewery Can Stand Out with Customized Tap Handles

Craft brewers have been the most popular consumer trend in the last decade. The Brewers Association recorded 8,275 craft brewers last year, more than doubling the number from five years earlier. However, these tiny businesses struggle to stand out in a crowded market.

As with any other firm, the creative use of promotional materials can boost brand awareness. Tap handles, according to Tony Azar, regional vice president of The Alison Group, are the "first and most important branding component" for small breweries.

Tap handles are used to promote breweries. It must be distinctive enough to be noticed by the client in the back in a dim setting.

Today, craft beer is witnessing a renaissance as more breweries are relaunching, renewing, and generating new brands. Read on to discover how your brewery can stand out with customized tap handles.

Customized Tap Handles Enhance Brand Recognition

There is no better place to promote your brand than among a row of competing tap handles at the bar. To assist customers in finding what they are looking for, beverage information must be clear. Include your logo, brand colors, typefaces, and shapes in the handle if possible. To make your faucet handles stand out, they should tell the story of your brand from every angle.

Customized Tap Handles Show Your Unique Character

Stand out among the rows of taps by using a unique shape, color, or size, or lure customers with a unique handle! If you’re at a loss as to how to design your custom tap handle, look at your favorite bars, check out their logos, and take some inspiration from them. Also, keep in mind to follow the standards.

Customized Tap Handles Champion Style and Function

Tap handles must meet design criteria in order to work in a line of taps. Because tap handles are usually 3 inches apart at the base, the width should be 2.625 inches. Consider your materials, as the handle should weigh less than one pound and be no taller than 12 inches. A real person will serve your drinks and use your handle several times every day, thus it should be ergonomic and easy to maneuver. 

Branding the faucet handle or providing space for personalized messaging could also benefit the server. When designing adjustable tap handles, make sure that replacement stickers or cardboard inserts are easy to place and uniform in size and shape.

Customized Tap Handles Increase Sales

Craft beer competition is expanding, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish and attract customers. You only have a few seconds to persuade clients while they consider their tap possibilities. As such, use your unique tap handle as your exciting selling point.

4 Ways Tap Handles Boost Bar Sales

1. Faucet handles serve as brand identifiers.

Buyers can identify your brand by using tap handles. Custom tap handles can convey your brand's heritage as well as the flavor of your beer. Customers will seek out your brand at the water cooler if it has a consistent appearance.

2. They are a marketing opportunity for your bar.

The tap handle is the brewer's only marketing chance at a bar or restaurant. Customers will prefer your beer over others if the tap handle is appealing.

3. They set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

The Brewers Association reported a record number of breweries in operation, approximately 6,300. Independent craft breweries account for 98% of the total. These brewers require a distinctive bar tap handle because this is most likely their only promotion.

4. Drinkers are drawn to design.

The tap handles influence 32% of bar sales. A gorgeous tap handle can boost draft sales by 10% in three months and 4% in a year.


Craft beer lovers don’t simply love the taste, but they also love branding, too. Just like any customer today, consumers love to see brands come up with custom designs to make them stand out. With customized tap handles, your brewery can set itself apart from the competition!

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