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Premium Resin Beer Can Tap Handle

MOQ currently is 12 units and production will start at the next available spot. 

How Our Semi-Custom Metal Tap Handle Process Works

Step 1: Select the quantity you need, upload your file (or email it to, and complete your purchase here on the product page. (*see design notes at bottom of description)
Step 2: We will review your order, let you know if

Resin tap handle size:

2.6"D x 6.3"H

Resin tap handle features:

  • Superior finish
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Fits all beer faucets that have a 1/4-20 fitting
  • Label not included

Introducing the 16oz Beer Can Tap Handle from Steel City Tap, the perfect way to display and show off your brew. This innovative tap handle, designed to mimic the look and feel of a classic beer can, brings a touch of nostalgia and fun to your customers’ beer experience.

Ideal Size and Design:
Measuring 2.6" in diameter and 6.3" in height, this compact and eye-catching tap handle is the ideal size. Its unique design allows you to showcase your beer(s) in a stylish and recognizable way.

Quality and Finish: 
Made from high-quality resin, the 16oz Tap Handle Beer Can boasts a sharp finish that sets it apart from other tap handles on the market. The design details ensure that your tap handle looks just like a real beer can, complete with realistic ridges and a satisfying feel in your hand.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: 
One of the standout features of this tap handle is how easy it is to clean. Simply use soap and water to keep your tap handle looking pristine, even with frequent use. The resin material is resistant to staining and odors, ensuring that your tap handle maintains its attractive appearance over time.

The 16oz Tap Handle Can is designed to fit all standard beer faucets with a 1/4-20 fitting, making it a flexible choice for commercial beer systems.

Customization Opportunities: 
Please note that the 16oz Tap Handle Can does not include a label. This gives you the opportunity to customize your tap handle with your own designs, logos, or branding.

Create Your Own Custom Tap Handles: 
If you're looking for even more personalization options, check out our custom tap handle pages. Our team of designers can work with you to create a fully customized tap handle that perfectly represents your brand, style, or creative vision. Visit our custom tap handle pages to learn more about bringing your dream tap handle to life.

Reserve Your Tap Handles Today!

Everyone will enjoy pouring your brews with this unique 16oz Beer Can Tap Handle. Elevate your beer’s presence and add a touch of fun to the tap wall. Don't wait – order yours today and let this eye-catching tap handle be the talk of your patrons!

Beer Can Tap Handle Design Notes

A paint match fee will be required for custom colors.

For optimal quality, submit design files in .ai or .eps formats.

The number of colors in your logo or image does not affect print costs (the handle price covers the logo printed directly onto your tap handle).

After purchasing your tap and sending your design files (send them to if not attached to the order), we will send you a mockup of your tap handle for approval.

Graphic changes are not included in the product price, and we cannot redesign your logo. Any design changes or logo touch-ups are billed at $110 per hour with a 1-hour minimum.