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Premium Resin Ultra Blue Glitter Semi-Custom Lollipop Tap Handle

MOQ currently is 12 units. 

Our semi-custom tap handles can be branded for your brewery, distillery, home wet bar, and more. If you love the look of resin tap handles, this budget-friendly option is perfect for you. We use vinyl decals to show off your logo and beer-style flavor. That's right—the price includes your custom branding. Simply upload your logo through our file uploader, and we will contact you about your semi-custom tap design.

Our semi-custom handle lineup is built to hang with its big brother, fully custom tap handles. The main focus of this tap handle is to attract customers at bars and restaurants and make your handle stand out against other taps on the market. This handle is made in-house from top to bottom to give you the exact look and feel you would expect from a fully custom tap. Whether you are in craft beer, kombucha, wine, coffee, or any draft beverage, this product can and will stand out.

Resin tap handle size: 2"L x 2.5"W x 7"H

Resin tap handle features:

-Superior Ultra Blue finish

-Four-sided tap with a two-sided lollipop top

-UV and water-resistant clear coat

-Graphics on four sides in full color with your logo or image

-Easy to clean with soap and water

-Fits all beer faucets that have a 1/4-20 fitting

*This is a limited run tap handle. This item can take up to 2-4 weeks to produce. Please contact for orders over 20 units.