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Keg collar 7" custom printed two color PMS match.

Are you a brewer looking for the perfect way to personalize your kegs? Custom-printed keg collars are the answer! You can choose your design, logo, and text to create a unique look for your brewery. Plus, we can match any PMS color so you can perfectly represent your brand. Ordering is easy, and we offer quantity discounts to get precisely what you need. So what are you waiting for? Give us a try today!

You can now get your custom keg collars printed with any design or logo you want!

Keep your brand consistent and looking fabulous with custom 7" keg collars! Perfect for large, mid-sized, and even the smallest of breweries. Get creative and unleash your brand's personality – with any design or logo imaginable. Our high-quality printing techniques create eye-catching keg collars that are visually stunning and durable, allowing you to promote brand cohesiveness and make a memorable impression on all who come across it. So what are you waiting for? Make your brewery stand out from the rest with our brand-boosting custom printed 7" keg collars today!

Screen Printed PMS Match

If you want to add pep and pizzazz to your 7" keg collars, screen printing with PMS match inks is an unbeatable solution! These vibrant colors pop, and the finish is guaranteed to be water-resistant and of the highest quality. Additionally, when you opt for a PMS match print, you can rest assured that each color will be consistent between all items. Impactful and durable – this solution is sure to be a hit!

Uber fast turn around only 2-3 weeks.

2-3 weeks is blazingly fast - that's almost as quickly as a lightning bolt! So if you're looking for custom two-color printed 7" keg collars and need them urgently, look no further. We guarantee 2-3 week turnarounds so you can enjoy your eye-catching prints sooner than ever. It's just another way to make draught beer fun!

Keg collars are the perfect way to show off your brand while ensuring that your kegs stay intact and accounted for. They also make it easy to keep track of different beers or batches. Now, with our custom-printed keg collars, you can add any design or logo you want! Plus, we use a screen printing process that guarantees an exact PMS match. And if that needs to be more, our turnaround time is only 2-3 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Order today!


Product spec. Below: 

Style two color
Material .020" Plastic
Cut Type Individual Thru-Cut
Shape Keg Collar
Size 7" x 7"
Imprint 4CP

***Important-please email for help with the artwork or call 205-999-1805 ***