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If you're a brewer or brewery owner, you know that the correct signage can make all the difference. This sign is perfect for any business and will grab attention and get people talking. Our four-color process printing means that your logo or design will pop, and the embossed aluminum adds a touch of class. So order yours today and see the difference!

Show off your brand in any bar or restaurant

With the Tin-Tackers Circle Sign, you can ensure maximum visibility for your brand in any bar or restaurant. Impress customers and make a statement as soon as they step inside with popping colors that will attract attention and not be forgotten. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to place your mark "in the market" with captivating presentations that draw in crowds. Show off your brand in any bar or restaurant with Tin-Tackers as an enticing way to let everyone know who you are without saying a word!

5-6 week production

Our proprietary manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality within a reasonable production time frame. Watch the magic happen as our dedicated manufacturing team takes about 5-6 weeks to bring this one-of-a-kind product to life! Countless hours of development and manufacturing goes into each sign, giving it an elegant look and feel at a reasonable cost. So take control of presenting your message with these unique signs that will leave an impression on anyone who looks at them.

American made

American manufactured products are a source of pride. However, tin-tackers Embossed Aluminum Circle Sign 11.5" is not just any American-made product – it's one crafted with care and American ingenuity. The American manufacturing process behind this aluminum craftsmanship is unparalleled. As a result, you can trust that your sign will stand the test of time and look great. So whether you're looking for a sign to showcase at a business or home, this American-made product has got you covered - from its four-color process to its durability.

Sell to your customer base for double the price!

Make money and increase your profits quickly with the Tin-Tackers! This will soon become your number-one seller allowing you to watch your revenue soar by selling it for twice the price to your biggest fans! Tailored to last a lifetime, the Tin-Tacker's top-quality craftsmanship will make an impressive addition to any product lineup. So make a positive impact on your bottom line today with the Tin-Tackers Embossed Aluminum Circle Sign 11.5"!

Each sign is made with recycled aluminum

Tin-Tackers' personalized signs are a great way to show off your style while being environmentally friendly! Each sign is made with 100% recycled aluminum, helping us all do our part in conserving the earth's resources. With various color processes and embossed options, these signs will surely make an impact that will last. Combined with brilliant colors, each sign is as unique as you are. So show your friends and family how you care about the environment with a Tin-Tacker sign today!

Free mockup after purchase. Just upload your art and hit buy!

Looking for the perfect Embossed Aluminum Circle Sign? Look no further! At Tin-Tackers, you can upload your art and receive a free mockup after purchase to ensure your sign looks how you want it. These signs are durable and of the highest quality, so all you need to do is hit 'buy' - satisfaction is guaranteed. Come see why Tin-Tackers is leading the market for all your embossing needs!


  • Copy area 11.5" diameter
  • 25 lbs. per hundred FOB 30084 (GA)
  • Price includes choice of one standard background color, one imprint color, embossing, individual shrink wrapping, and two holes.
  • Add $0.05 (z) per sign for halftones.
  • Made from .024 recycled aluminum.
  • Made in USA (All pricing USD)
  • Full bleed option available at no additional charge for four-color process and spot color(s) printing.
  • Four-color process pricing is for white background. Please call for 4CP pricing 


Download mockup template here