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The Shesquatch: What Tap Handle Dreams Are Made Of

The Shesquatch: What Tap Handle Dreams Are Made Of

Sometimes, you just know: she's the one.

That's exactly how the team at Naked River Brewing Company felt about the Shesquatch tap handle. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the brewpub was ready to take a bigfoot-size step toward a new custom tap handle design.

They wanted a company who sources American-made materials and manufactures in the USA to handle the heavy lifting. As always, Steel City Tap Co. was up for the challenge, no matter how hairy...

At the time, the Naked River tap handle was shaped like a wooden canoe paddle. Fitting for the brand, sleek, and simple. It suited their image for a while, but they were ready to crank their marketing efforts up to 11. They were eager to make a much bigger—perhaps even monstrous—splash in the competitive craft beverage industry and stand out in the crowd of other colorful, branded handles lining bars and taprooms.

What better way to stomp past competitors than introducing a custom resin tap handle unlike anything else?

Make room and makeShesquatch Tap Handle for Naked River Brewing made by Steel City Tap Co. way for the Shesquatch, also known as the Sassqueen. Like our ultra popular collector's edition tap handle, the Straight to Ale Monkeynaut tap handle, the updated Naked River beer tap is made from American-sourced resin and meticulously hand-painted by our in-house artists. Check out those wispy, flowing locks framing that fiercely irresistible face—fine lines and details from head to big ole hairy toe.


After some really fun back-and-forth collaborating, we settled on the perfect lady bigfoot tap handle. Our team may have posed a few ideas on the risqué end of the spectrum, but the client kept our wild and crazy imaginations in check. In our defense, their primary hashtag is #keepitnaked. We're just saying...

For the serialized first edition run, a select number of Shesquatch beer taps don blue swimsuits, while other bigfoot tap handles wear red. Collectors are going nuts for these unique beauties, and they are just hitting the market this month. Who knows, maybe she'll get another wardrobe change in the future. Stay tuned to find out!

Hop heads and beer nerds are always on the hunt for special edition tap handles, and this one will definitely raise eyebrows and pique the interest of collectors.

The bigfoot woman is holding in one hand a green canoe with the company's name emblazoned along the bottom, and a six-pack of beer in the other hand. Their brewery's name also encircles the base of the tap. It's an ideal combination of everything Naked River wanted in an eye-catching tap handle customized from top to bottom to tell their brand's distinctive story.

Plus, she's damn memorable. Customers are sure to talk about her and about Naked River Brewing long after their first encounter with the new Shesquatch beer tap handle, because she makes a colossal first impression. There's absolutely no doubt about it: you've never seen anything quite like it. We call that a successful custom tap handle design.

But why play up bigfoot's feminine side? Why big foot in a bathing suit?

While only off-the-grid (and off-their-rocker) woodsmen have allegedly seen such towering mythical creatures, we all have a general idea of what a Sasquatch looks like. We all picture a similar mainstream version of that shaggy, illusive giant. Naked River wanted to present beer enthusiasts with something more surprising than what we deemed an average-joe kind of Sasquatch tap handle.

Ultimately, they aim to turn heads and get people interested in the giantess wearing a swimsuit in taprooms and bars. They want their endearing Sassqueen to do the talking for their tasty, oh-so refreshing brews.

The goal: thirsty bar goers see a tap handle shaped like a female bigfoot, a tap handle that blurs the line between a tap line tool and an artistic mini sculpture, and they cannot resist ordering the beer she represents.

That's the beer marketing superpower of custom resin tap handles made in USA. You want a scruffy, lovable beast in a bathing suit to represent your beer brand? You want a tap handle design so unlike anything on the market, you question whether it's even possible for a small American manufacturer like us to build it? Challenge always accepted!

If you have an idea for a custom tap handle that's totally off the wall, we want to hear about it. Whether you've got professional renderings, napkin sketches, a Lego model, or jumbled random thoughts, our team of trained designers and artisans love a creative challenge.

We can't wait to bring your fuzzy plans into focus and create a custom tap handle that makes your brand stand out in a crowd. Call or email Steel City Tap Co. owner Brad Lugar to get started.

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