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The Rumors are True...Schilling Hard Cider's Local Legend Tap Handle

The Rumors are True...Schilling Hard Cider's Local Legend Tap Handle

As the saying goes: legends are not born, they’re made. And we couldn’t wait to make Schilling Hard Cider’s tap handle for their signature Local Legend semi-sweet cider. Featuring the mythical mascot of the Pacific Northwest, this brand-new tap was a labor of love for our team. Watch our product release video with hype man MJ!

“The Local Legend has been sighted, and tasting is believing.”

You know you’re on the right track when your clients become more like buddies. When we first caught up with Schilling Hard Cider CSO Eric Phillips for a Q&A blog post, he shared a bit of advice for craft brewers searching for a tap handle manufacturer worth their time: find out what’s on the point person’s go-to music playlist.

That tidbit of quirky advice made perfect sense when we realized Schilling’s version of bigfoot wears shades and carries on his hairy shoulder an old-school boombox. He’s got swagger for days, and he represents a group of cool cats who aren’t afraid to be uniquely themselves in a competitive marketplace.

Like their talented tight-knit team, based in Seattle, the Schilling Cider sasquatch is backed by a gang of fun-loving characters. A pink flamingo is the face of Grapefruit and Chill. A koala decked out in boardshorts and sandals stars on the Big Zesty can label. A helmeted giraffe ready for blastoff represents the Excelsior Imperial Apple hard cider.

We had the absolute pleasure of designing and manufacturing a custom tap handle for bigfoot’s brew called Local Legend. A crisp, semi-sweet hard cider made with fresh-pressed heirloom apples, this refreshing craft beverage deserved the very best tap handle representation that Steel City Tap Co. could muster.

On a mission to encourage craft hard cider enthusiasts to “Discover the Local Legend,” Schilling Cider needed a captivating marketing tool that embodied not only their beat-dropping bigfoot but the spirit of their northwestern stomping grounds. A hand-painted Schilling Cider sasquatch is the star of the tap, and an artful homage to the iconic Seattle skyline and iced-capped Mount Rainier tops it off.

Just like the Local Legend can label, bright blues and greens give the handle pops of eye-catching color. Every detail makes this custom tap handle harmonize with the Schilling Hard Cider brand identity, a top priority for every Steel City Tap project--whether it's semi-custom tap handles, custom decals, tin tackers, embroidered hats, or other branded swag.

Keep your eyes peeled, and hit us up on Instagram or Facebook if you spot the Local Legend on a tap line in your own neck of the woods. Because the rumors are true...this hard cider is crisp, refreshing, and worth the intrepid search.

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