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Brewing News 101: The Made by the Water Brewing Mergers

Brewing News 101: The Made by the Water Brewing Mergers

In a fortunate turn of events, there’s some good news for the brewing industry in America. As per recent reports, the Catawba Valley Brewing Company (CVBC) in North Carolina has been purchased by Oyster City Brewing Company, which is owned and operated by Made By The Water, LLC (MBTW), a portfolio company of Wiregrass Equity Partners. Meanwhile, in Florida, Made By the Water is also set to be at the helm of Catawba & Palmetto Brewing.

Read on to learn more about these Made By The Water, LLC mergers today.

In the Shoes of Made By the Water

CVBC was founded in 1999 by Billy, Jetta, and Scott Pyatt, and it has now expanded to five breweries, six tasting places, and five states.

Billy Pyatt, Catawba's CEO, is said to be enthusiastic about the craft brewing industry and his company's 130 employees. He, Jetta, and Scott consider themselves quite fortunate to have spoken with Wiregrass, a company that carries a comparable business model, culture, and markets.

Both labels, according to Brian Ivey, Catawba's head of retail marketing, will be kept in the future. Now, the Oyster City Brewing Company will be an additional fourth Made By the Water brand, along with the breweries and tasting rooms in Asheville, Charlotte, Morganton, Wilmington, and Charleston are listed.

According to Alexi Sekmakas, chief executive officer of Made By The Water, the company was built on local engagement, exceptional beer, and impact-hungry individuals with a passion for inspiration. The Oyster City Brewing Company began as a neighborhood bar, but it has since grown into a regional brewery with locations all over Florida and Alabama's Gulf Coasts. As the merger moves forward, the aim is to continue Catawba and Palmetto's pursuit of establishing a Southeastern craft beer family.

Darin Phillips, the managing partner of Wiregrass Equity Partners, expressed delight with the addition of Catawba, Palmetto, and Twisp. Their cultures are ideally complementary, sharing ideals like community, partnership, respect for local heritage, and outstanding beer.

Oyster City at the Helm of Catawba & Palmetto Brewing

The Oyster City Brewing Company, situated in Apalachicola, Florida, has agreed to purchase the breweries held by the Catawba Valley Brewing Company, based in Morganton, Florida.

In addition to Oyster City's Hooter Brown ale, Mangrove pale ale, and Mill Pond Dirty blonde lager, the hard seltzers Catawba, Palmetto, and Twisp have been added to Made By The Water, LLC's product portfolio.

Catawba Valley Brewing Company was founded in 1999, and it completed the acquisition of Palmetto Brewing Company in 2017. Catawba Valley received two manufacturing facilities in Morganton and Charleston, as well as tasting locations in Asheville and Charlotte, as part of this agreement. It eventually spread to Charleston and Wilmington as well.

There are various contemporary trends to consider. To begin, the current generation of craft brewers in North Carolina are preparing to retire and sell their firms. Ed Falkenstein, the company's founder, and Larry Lipov, his successor, both decided to resign from their positions after selling Palmetto Brewing to Catawba Valley in 2017.

Catawba Valley is also witnessing growth. Scott Pyatt will remain with the merged company, while his co-founders, Billy and Jetta, will go after a combined 22 years of service. They are now aware that we must complete all of the items on our bucket list.

Private equity firms are acquiring and merging local breweries in order to build regional brewing powerhouses, with their business models frequently including production, wholesale, and tasting room retail sales. Wiregrass Equity Partners of Alabama purchased the vast majority of Oyster City's shares in 2019. The beer will be distributed throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, as well as Florida, by the United Corporation.


Right under our noses, some of the biggest and most trusted brewing companies in the US today are working up big solutions and agreements to keep the boat sailing. Now, whether you’re a small-business brewer, an entrepreneur, or an average beer lover, you must learn that it pays to be in-the-know. Watch out for more news as these brewing companies shift, control, and calm the tides.

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