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Is Your Keg Dressed For Success?

Is Your Keg Dressed For Success?

Brew Masters and beer connoisseurs alike are familiar with industry buzzwords like ‘dry-hopped’, ‘hazy’, ‘full-bodied’, etc. Anyone who knows anything about a good beer can easily toss these words around in conversation. Terminology far less commonly used in conversation are phrases like ‘net contents’ and ‘government warnings’. Undoubtedly, these state mandated labeling requirements are much less fun to discuss, but they don’t have to look boring. Steel City Tap creates custom keg collars and keg wraps that mirror your unique branding style, all under the same roof where we hand paint your unique tap handles. Not only are keg collars a great source of information for retailers and wholesalers buying your beverages, they also speak to your unique personality and story. When you choose our custom container accessories, all of a sudden that bland label becomes another savvy marketing tool - consistently highlighting just how cool you really are.


Custom Keg Collar Printing


Our custom keg collars include all of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau labeling requirements, and all of our designs are made with high-quality, full color UV print on water and tear resistant material. Our process and quality equipment can handle all kinds of images and graphics, beautifully showcasing the vibrant colors and imagery that make your brand stand out from the rest. 

You can make your branding even more seamless by purchasing our keg collar and tap handle label duo. These keg collars come with a matching peel-off label that can be added to your tap handle for each beer. Partnering with us for your keg collars and wraps along with your custom tap handles will help elevate your brand and reinforce marketing consistency, which helps to establish long-term customer loyalty. Steel City Tap is proud to be a one-stop-shop for all the materials that help you creatively tell your brand’s story. We’ll dress your keg for success, all you have to do is brew the best. Visit our keg collar and keg wrap pages for ordering and details.  


         Custom Keg Collar          Custom Keg Collar


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