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How POP Displays Help Drive Sales and Brand Awareness

How POP Displays Help Drive Sales and Brand Awareness

When it comes to marketing your brand and increasing sales, we know that standing out from your competitors remains top of mind. In a consumer driven industry where buyers have an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, point of purchase displays — or POP displays — provide an extra boost of marketing and accessibility for your product, while also bringing attention to your brand’s personality and style. The displays are intended to be bold, attention grabbing and strategically placed within stores so that the customer is drawn toward your product, and away from shelves filled with your competitor’s products. 

There are many different options for POP displays, but for beer and ale sales, typically the larger stand-alone displays are most effective. These offer the most space for housing products, and plenty of design real estate for graphics and high resolution images to bring immediate attention to your brand. 

Statistically, POP displays are a great way to target impulse shoppers — and a recent study analyzing shopping trends showed 93% of supermarket shoppers make at least one unplanned purchase per trip. Going further into the study, they found that beer and ale sales specifically increased by an index of 5 (meaning 5 times more product was purchased) when displays were used in supermarkets. Likely due to the wildly-evolving nature of the alcohol market, as alcohol consumers tend to be a trendy and forward-thinking population; they want to stay in the know about new beverage releases, which makes them a great target candidate for point of purchase displays.  

Steel City Tap Co is most well known for our high quality, custom designed tap handles, but we also offer marketing bundles, including POP displays, and everything else you need to elevate your branding and merchandising. We can customize a variety of POP displays depending on your unique needs, from high resolution print, cardboard, wooden displays, and more. We want to create a seamless, one-stop-shopping experience for your company’s branding. That’s the simple driving force behind our mission statement’s tagline — “You brew the best, we’ll handle the rest”. 

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