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Choosing Good Keg Taps for Your Home Tap System – Part 2

Choosing Good Keg Taps for Your Home Tap System – Part 2

Home brewing is a process that has been around for centuries and has undergone many changes. That said, keg taps have also changed over time to accommodate the different types of kegs used to store and dispense beer.

The most common types of keg taps are:

a) Beer Engines 

Beer engines are a type of hand-operated pump that is used to pour beer from a cask. They were first used in 1797 and quickly became popular in England for serving cask beers. Although they are not as common now, some people still prefer them for the taste of the beer and the experience of using a hand pump.

b) Cask Beer Taps

Cask beer taps were historically used to dispense beer from barrels without the use of gas or pressure. Modern beer taps have replaced them, but they can still be found in some older establishments.

c) Portable Keg Taps

A portable keg tap is a device attached to a keg line and provides a way to dispense beer without needing an external pressure dispenser. These devices can be either hand-pump operated or supplied with a continuous influx of gas.

d) Pressure Dispenser Taps

A pressure dispenser keg tap is a type of tap that is used to connect a refrigerator or home bar to a keg. This type of tap can be more complex and expensive to use than other types of tap, but it offers the convenience of being transported from one place to another.

Some Things to Consider When Picking Your Tap System

  • When you're choosing a keg tap, one of the things you'll want to consider is the amount of time it takes to set up. Traditional pressure dispenser systems can be time-consuming, while portable keg taps are a much quicker solution.
  • If you're looking to have a lot of beer on hand, a portable keg tap system is a great option. These systems are easy to refill and change, making them a convenient option for those who want to be able to pour a beer quickly and easily.
  • The material your keg tap is made of can affect your beer's taste. Choose a stainless steel keg tap to avoid any flavor contamination.

Reasons to Pick a Portable Keg Tap System

A portable keg tap system is a great choice for many home brewers because it is an inexpensive way to get started with home brewing or have your own home tap system.

It is a great way to enjoy a beer at a picnic or any other outdoor event. The most basic design involves a hand pump to get the necessary pressure to dispense the beer from the keg. This system is easy to use and transport, making it a great option for enjoying fresh beer anywhere.

It is also designed to be easily transported. These systems typically include a pressure regulator, a CO2 tank, and a keg coupler. Portable keg tap systems can be used to dispense beer, wine, or other beverages from a keg.

Besides that, you can now have a consistent pour without having to worry about over-pumping and making a mess due to its gas supply.

The main benefit of having a portable keg tap system is that it offers the same level of pressure as a commercial keg tap system. This means that you can get the same level of carbonation in your beer, which is essential for getting a good head on your beer and for keeping it fresh tasting.


There are many different factors to consider when choosing a keg tap, such as compatibility with your keg, the type of beer you want to serve, and the level of portability you need.

However, by finding the perfect keg tap for your needs, you can enjoy fresh, delicious craft beer at home or on the go.

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