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Enhance Your Beer Marketing by Using This Secret Method

Enhance Your Beer Marketing by Using This Secret Method

When it comes to beer marketing and advertising, aficionados bank on taste, look, experience, and other sensory aspects to feel a connection with a particular drink or brand. Breweries heavily invest in the right sticker design for the bottles or collaterals for physical and online marketing without even realizing they’ve set a crucial aspect—which needs just as much attention—to the wayside.


Whether keg collars, keg wraps, or keg tap handles, wrapping them is a smart way to ensure your customers can recognize your kegs quickly and easily. We provide a roll of special film material that is durable and can withstand harsh cleaning products. The roll has a continuous image, so it is easy to apply. The wrap is also protected against damage, ensuring breweries can use the keg for a long time.

You can create a unique advertising platform to get your brand noticed by taking advantage of your existing kegs. Utilize your kegs to display your logo, promote special events, and create a memorable impression on potential customers. With the right design, your kegs will become an eye-catching, effective way to get your brand out there and draw in more customers.

This secret method can be applied in two ways, which are the main points of today’s article:

Keg Collars

Keg collars are essential in all states, providing a great opportunity to showcase your brewery logo. Custom keg collars with full-color printing can make your keg stand out from the rest and draw attention. You can also include some information about your brewery on the collar, giving those serving your beer at a wedding or other event more insight into the product they are about to enjoy.

Keg Wraps

Upon entering a professional beer marketing firm, you will be struck by the sight of well-made client logos on numerous kegs. Those barrels have been uniquely wrapped with each brand’s signature, and the coldness of the kegs is a reminder that the brewery has crafted something special.

Keg wraps provide the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression on your consumers and reinforce your brand. By placing an eye-catching wrap around your keg, you can ensure that your product is viewed in the best light and is associated with quality and craftsmanship. Your brewery is represented every time your wrapped keg is seen, and your brand gains recognition.

Like keg collars, the advantage of using wraps to mark your kegs is that it is much easier to track and return them to the right place.

In Conclusion

Keg collars and wraps are important tools for labeling kegs. They identify your brewery's property, helping to avoid mix-ups with other breweries' or wholesalers' kegs. Investing in keg wraps is a smart way of ensuring that your kegs make it back to you. And by keeping track of your kegs and the beverages inside them, you will be able to serve and sell your drinks quickly and efficiently. Having accurate and accessible data about your kegs and drinks will help keep your customers satisfied and help build loyalty in the long run.

Unlock This Secret with Steel City Tap

Our design team creates distinct keg collars, tap handles, stickers, and high-quality branding for breweries. Find out more by visiting our online store right now!

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