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Does Beer Really Taste Better on Tap? Why?

Does Beer Really Taste Better on Tap? Why?

Beer is one of the most popular drinks around the world, and for good reason. It's refreshing, relatively low in calories, and comes in a variety of styles. However, most people have experienced that a fresh beer from a tap just tastes better than a bottled or canned beer. So, why does beer taste better on tap?

Let's find out the factors that contribute to this:

The Aroma

It's remarkable that up to three-quarters of what we perceive as the taste of something comes from the sense of smell. Clear glass has the power to unlock the full flavor of beer, as the aroma is released with each sip. In comparison, drinking from a bottle does not provide the same experience, as the scent is not released, leaving the taste somewhat lacking.


The texture of a draught beer is unique and superior to that of a bottled beer. This is because the draught system has adjustable temperature and pressure settings which create the perfect atmosphere for pouring the perfect beer.

When you order a draught beer, you can be sure that it's been crafted with the right amount of carbonation, making it much more enjoyable to drink. The pressure and temperature within the draught system can be adjusted to give the perfect amount of bubbles and smoothness, giving you a truly remarkable beer-drinking experience.

Exposure to Light

Why aren't beer bottles clear? It's because light exposure can ruin the flavor of the beer. The dark glass bottles are designed to shield the beer from direct light and keep it fresher for longer.

When hops are boiled they release iso-alpha acids, which are easily damaged by sunlight. This causes the acids to form compounds with sulfur-based proteins, producing an unpleasant, skunky flavor in beer. Fortunately, beer poured directly from a keg is kept in the dark, meaning you can enjoy your draft beer without worrying that it has been compromised by light.

Freshness of the Beer

The popularity of beer on tap continues to grow as people become more aware of the importance of freshness and flavor. People know that beer that is poured from a keg has likely been stored in a temperature-controlled environment, which keeps it fresher than the pre-packaged varieties. This means that the beer is more likely to taste better than the pre-packaged variety. Also, the fact that kegs can be changed quickly and easily makes them a great choice for bars and restaurants that are looking to keep their beer offerings fresh and delicious.

Effect of Glassware on the Taste of Beer

Finally, the type of glassware used to serve draft beer can also have an effect on its taste. When beer is poured into a clean glass, it releases more of its flavor compounds, resulting in a more intense flavor. On the other hand, dirty glass can trap impurities, resulting in a more muted flavor.


Beer on tap has a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for beer drinkers. It has a fresher taste, since it is not exposed to oxygen or light, and it is usually cheaper than bottled beer. It is also more carbonated, allowing for a better head and mouth feel. Additionally, beer from a custom beer tap is served at the optimal temperature for flavor, making them much more flavorful than its bottled counterparts. All of these factors combine to make beer on tap one of the most popular choices for beer drinkers.

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