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The Importance of Custom Tap Handles for an Establishment

The Importance of Custom Tap Handles for an Establishment

Custom tap handles can help tell your brand's story and connect with consumers deeper. By choosing materials and designs unique to your brand, you can create a tap handle that reflects your brand's identity and values. Additionally, well-designed tap handles can increase sales by drawing attention to your taps and making them more inviting to customers. How can they able to do that, and why? We’ll answer these questions when we examine these components' importance.

Customer Psychology

Environment affects us in many ways, both consciously and subconsciously. On a conscious level, we may notice that certain places make us feel more relaxed or stressed. Subconsciously, our surroundings can influence our mood, energy levels, and even our ability to focus. Thus, we are programmed to choose familiarity over the unexplored because it is part of our psychological evolution.

How do custom tap handles fit into all this? Can you imagine someone serving you a beer from bottle to glass instead of straight up in a bottle? Because kegs and taps are so intertwined, not really; any other means is alien! Getting beer from any other source is also strange, as that instantly raises questions about its origin and cleanliness.


Your custom tap handle design must be both eye-catching and functional. Form pertains to the look and feel of the tap handle, while the function is all about how it works and how easy it is to use. You must balance the two to create a successful design since you're looking for a certain atmosphere when you go out with friends. 

When that happens, your brain takes in information from your surroundings and decides what to do next. Hence, the tap handles at the bar can greatly impact what you end up ordering. The colors, textures, and shapes make you more likely to purchase a certain drink. So, if you see a beer, wine, coffee, kombucha, or mixed cocktail that you like the look of, go ahead and order it!

Each tap handle's colors, textures, and shapes affect the customer's mood and influence their drink purchase. This is when design connects the consumer's perception of brand identity (and even values) to their own. The moment they see a custom tap handle that is familiar, they’ll gravitate towards it.

Customer Roles

What we do with this information is key to unlocking a new level of customer loyalty. Somewhat related to customer psychology is their role in the purchasing process. As suppliers or sellers, your role is to provide products that connect to customers personally through design, flavors, marketing, or even use! It’s why cereals are stored in paper boxes instead of glass containers in plastic bags. Customers want something easy to pick up, bring home, and dispose of when they’re done.

The same goes for custom tap handles. Beer drinkers won’t want their favorite spirits served bottle to glass or secretly away from their gaze. It’s either drinking straight from a freshly-opened bottle or a keg that no one has access to its contents.


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