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The Relation between Custom Tap Handles and Your Chosen Brand

The Relation between Custom Tap Handles and Your Chosen Brand

Branding is important for breweries because it helps create an identity and sets them apart from the competition. It also helps build customer loyalty and can make customers passionate advocates for the brewery. Good branding can make a small brewery seem larger and more established and can help a new brewery get off the ground.

Bartenders can use beer taps to show off their personality and style. Taps come in all different shapes and sizes and can be customized to feature just about anything. Taps can be made from wood, metal, or resin, and each material has its own benefits. Resin is great for creating complex shapes and forms that would be difficult or impossible to create with other materials.

Wood and metal have a classic look and feel that can help your brand stand out. Wood and metal can also add a tactile quality to the tap handle, which allows the customer to imagine what the handle feels like.

After that, we will continue by exploring color options that will help represent the brand best. Sometimes, a combination of bright colors can be used to attract customers, while other times, a more classic and trustworthy color scheme is necessary. The colors chosen for the tap handle will be integrated into the handle's design to help create a cohesive look that represents the beer's brand identity. The type of finish (matte or shiny) will be decided based on the overall design of the handle and what will best show off the form of the tap handle.

The usual beer tap size is about 3x3x12 inches but can vary depending on the brand and style of the company. A smaller, simpler tap may be the best option for some brands, as it can be more easily handled and is less likely to take up too much space.

A tap handle's design can be affected by how easy it is to display different beer styles. If it is too expensive to design and produce a specific tap handle for every type of beer style, then custom branding solutions like vinyl decals, magnets, and 3D molded toppers can be used instead. These solutions are more cost-effective and can be updated and changed more easily.

A beer tap handle is a physical representation of a beer brand and its marketing strategy. It's one of the first things customers notice when they approach a bar, so it's important for beer tap handles to be effectively memorable. Custom tap handles and branding can help a beer brand stand out and attract new customers, while the taste of the beer itself is responsible for keeping them coming back.

Tap handles are an important part of a brewery's marketing strategy because they are one of the first things that potential customers see when they enter the establishment. A well-designed tap handle can make a great first impression and convince customers to try the beer. Tap handles come in a variety of designs, so it is important to choose one that represents the brewery's brand.


Overall, custom tap handles can play an important role in strengthening the branding of your chosen brewery. By selecting one that reflects the branding and style of your beer, you can help customers quickly and easily identify your product, creating a more cohesive and unified brand.

Additionally, custom tap handles can also be used as a marketing tool, helping to attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

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