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Why Custom Beer Taps and Packaging Solutions Matter

Why Custom Beer Taps and Packaging Solutions Matter

It is very important to have creative and visually appealing packaging in the beer business. This is because customers are likely to purchase beer from a brewery with a distinct and unique personality. Additionally, customer loyalty and an affinity for the label and brand are important factors motivating purchases. The right packaging can help craft beer brewers compete on flavor and price while also addressing consumers’ aesthetic preferences, which is why custom beer taps and packaging solutions matter.

Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

First, Why Glass?

There are several reasons for this. First, glass bottles provide a better barrier against oxygen and light, two of the main enemies of beer. Second, glass bottles are reusable, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging. Finally, glass bottles give the beer a more premium look and feel, which can help to increase sales.

On a more nuanced level, customers find glass packaging more visually appealing than other types of packaging, such as aluminum cans. Glass is also a sustainable material that can be recycled indefinitely, which appeals to consumers looking for eco-friendly packaging options.

Second, Why Brown Glass?

There are a few reasons brown beer bottles are preferred over clear or green ones. One reason is that brown bottles protect the beer from light better than clear bottles. This is important because light can cause a chemical reaction in the hops that make beer that can make it taste skunky. Another reason is that brown bottles help keep the beer colder for longer. They also give the beer a nice, foamy head when poured.

So, why does beer go bad when left in the sun? It’s all about the light. Sunlight (specifically, ultraviolet light) can break down the chemical bonds in hops, one of the key ingredients in beer. When those bonds are broken, the hops release a sulfur compound that smells like a skunk.

The beer bottling industry has made many advancements, one of which is protecting beer from UV rays. Before this advancement, producers had to find a way to prevent damage from UV rays. They ultimately found that dark beer bottles did this—similar to how sunglasses protect human vision.

Lastly, Shouldn’t Taste Matter Most?

Your restaurant could serve the best ribeye steak in the entire U.S., but no one would eat it if served in a dull-looking dinner tray and plate. The same logic applies to beer; in a world where first impressions are everything, how your beer looks plays a big role in its success. Your beer bottle packaging is the first thing potential customers will see, so it needs to be eye-catching and reflective of the quality of your product. 

Put simply, aesthetically appealing beer bottle packaging can make or break your business. Equally important is how your beer is transported (whether in a vehicle, via courier, or in bulk pallets) and served (from a large pitcher or an individual bottle). Suppliers such as yourself must ensure the product arrives safely to customers (trucks) and reaches them by the most sanitary means possible (custom beer taps).

In Summary

Your products' aesthetic and taste should also match their quality of flavor. This is why custom beer taps, like the ones you’ll find from Steel City Tap! We don’t just customize taps; we can also do keg collars and bottles! Find out more by visiting our website! 

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