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What to Know about the Beer Tap Handle Display

What to Know about the Beer Tap Handle Display

Whether you make beer at home, own a bar, or have a man cave, a handcrafted wooden tap handle display is the best option. These displays are handcrafted from high-quality red oak hardwood that was sourced and milled locally. Each display is hand-finished with a variety of stains, allowing you to create the ideal look for your home, office, bar, or man cave. 

The keyhole slots on wall-mounted faucet handles allow for flush mounting. Each display also comes with rubber washers to protect it from scratches and to keep the tap heads in the forward position.

Showing off your enthusiasm for excellent brews is easier with a specialized tap handle display that you have made just for you, whether you make beer at home or own a bar. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the beer tap handle display.

Understanding the Function of a Beer Tap Handle

No, we don’t need a more complicated name for this tool. A beer tap handle is commonly known as a “faucet.”

Today, the brewery's logo usually appears in various forms and sizes on the majority of the tap handles. The vast majority of beer faucet tap handles are black. This is due to the fact that it can serve any type of beer that is stored in a keg. They come in 3/8"-16, the U.S. beer industry standard.

To use this, you must first locate the lever for the beer faucet in order to attach the tap handle. A knob located on the lever itself is used to adjust the position of the lever on the beer faucet. Then, using your hand, turn the handle of the beer tap counterclockwise to tighten it.

The Brief History of Beer Taps

In 1785, Joseph Bramah received a patent for the first beer tap, also known as a "beer engine." Beer engines eliminated the need for bartenders in drinking establishments such as pubs and taverns to manually pour beer from kegs. This innovation made serving beer much easier and more time efficient.

Prior to 1857, the German purity law prohibited the use of yeast in the brewing process. This resulted in the development of novel brewing techniques as well as new beer styles such as lager.

Explaining and Understanding the Keykeg

Keykegs are containers made of an expandable plastic bag enclosed in a metal casing. When the beer is served, the gas inside the keg creates pressure, causing the beer to spill out of the bag and into the glass. Traditional steel kegs are much more difficult to transport and store than Keykegs.

The ideal keg size is determined by the available volume and storage space. Kegs with a half-barrel capacity hold 15.5 gallons of liquid. A quarter barrel keg has 7.75 gallons of storage space, while a sixth barrel keg has 5.16 gallons of storage space.

Keg taps are available in a variety of sizes, but they all work with the same kegs. Because the diameter of the tap is 2 inches, you must ensure that your refrigerator or kegerator has enough space.

Keg taps are not universal. A specific coupler must be attached to a keg valve in order for beer to flow from it. In the United States, there are eight different types of keg valves and couplers to choose from.

The Beer Tap

Wood, brass, and aluminum are all common materials used to make faucet handles. Beer brands' logos are frequently silkscreened or painted on these items. Brewers can easily switch out the handles on their bottles to change their brand.

When a beer tap's handle is pulled, a valve inside the tap opens, allowing beer to flow into a glass.


Every lover should know not just about beer, but the tools that make the drinking experience happen. In this case, we learned more about beer taps, beer tap handle displays, and kegs. There is more to learn, and you should be here for them. With all of this new knowledge, you can enjoy your own beer even more!

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