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Astra Hard Seltzer Tap Handles Are Launching into Orbit

Astra Hard Seltzer Tap Handles Are Launching into Orbit

With the blast-off of the hard seltzer market over the past few years, Steel City Tap Co. has designed tons of awesome seltzer tap handles. But the custom resin tap for March First Brewing’s Astra Hard Seltzer is—you know we have to say it—out of this world.

Check out our video for a close-up look at the handcrafted details that make this hard seltzer tap handle unique.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, March First Brewing does more than brew beer. These space-loving hop heads are also distilling classic spirits, crafting sophisticated hard ciders, and cranking out some of the most refreshing and flavorful hard seltzers in the craft beverage industry. 

Their mantra? “Being surprisingly and delightfully unpredictable.” From day one, we knew they’d come to the right tap handle company for a seltzer tap that pushes the boundaries and exceeds expectations. Plus, March First Brewing is as passionate about American manufacturing as we are—dream team.

The brewery’s name, March First, is a tribute to Ohio’s founding as a state on March 1, 1803. And their hard seltzer line, Astra by March First, pays homage to Ohio’s major contributions to the space program, as a surprising number of astronauts have called Ohio home. Telescopes, starry skies, and NASA motifs appear on their can labels, which feature a darker backdrop than most hard seltzers on the market.

When designing the new custom tap handle for the Astra seltzer lineup, we channeled all that galactic goodness of their brand identity into the hand-touched finishes of a purple glitter resin tap handle. Neon blue and green planets span the length of the tap handle, as an astronaut reaches for a bubbly canned seltzer.

Every intricate detail of this fully custom seltzer tap handle is hand-painted by our stellar team of artists. To top it all off, our in-house print shop nailed the galaxy-inspired round logo decal. Just like the Astra seltzer flavors, which include throw-back nods like Bomb Pop and Red Cream Soda, the look combines nostalgia with modern flair.

From Alabama to Ohio to celestial worlds beyond, this hard seltzer tap handle is going to capture attention at bars and taprooms everywhere. Treat yourself to one of March First's all-natural sparkling craft seltzers if you catch a glimpse of these beauties on a tap line near you.

Looking for the perfect custom tap or semi-custom tap handle for your craft hard seltzer? Call or email us today, or get a quote for a seltzer tap handle here.

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