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Custom Acrylic Tap Handles


Custom acrylic tap handles provide a unique material design while maintaining a cost efficient strategy for your brewery or business. We use the highest quality American sourced acrylic to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Acrylic

Tap Handle Process

Creating tap handles from acrylic requires creativity, precision, and processes that demand quality. Here's a sneak peek into our process for your tap.

American Materials

We use American-sourced acrylic for all premium acrylic tap handles. Each tap handle is cut to size and placed on the CNC machine that cuts the specific shape of the design.


Proprietary Technology

The handles then pass through a multi-step proprietary sanding process.


Artisan Finishing

After sanding, each tap is sent through the necessary finishing processes to achieve the perfect look for the design (paint, sticker, print). Before shipping, the handles are simply ferruled and packaged.

Custom Acrylic Tap Handle Gallery

Watch what The Black Abbey Brewing Company has to say about their experience working with Steel City Tap.

The Black Abbey Brewing


Mayday Brewing Co's
"BEER. HUGS. ROCK'N ROLL"custom acrylic tap handle